Epic Games Need Epic Sound

Sci-fi 1 Month Free Trial Subscription

Complete access to ALL of Syrinscape Sci-Fi PLUS ownership of all future Sci-Fi soundsets.

First 1 month free. $7.15 per month*

*Charged at $14.30 every 2 months.

Here's what you'll get after your first 1 month:


Ownership of all future Sci-Fi SoundSets

Every month we release two brand new shiny Sci-fi SoundSets. See our Release Schedule Details page to see all the amazing content we have planned PLUS in between we release bonus content based on what users are asking for most loudly! Keep building your library by remaining a subscriber!


Access to all Sci-Fi SoundSets

Plus, as long as you remain a subscriber the complete catalog of Syrinscape Sci-Fi SoundSets will be accessible to you, even the ones you haven't ever paid for. If we've made it, you'll be able to download and use it.

Here's the complete list of content you will unlock to date:

Epic Games Need Epic Sound