Meet the Syrinscape Team


Benjamin Loomes

CEO, Creative Director & Founder

Pianist, cellist, opera singer, conductor, composer, amateur coder. Currently playing: Mass Effect, D&D, Call of Cthulhu.


Karen Loomes

COO, Art Director & Founder

Environmental scientist, musician, big picture dreamer and schemer, coffee connoisseur, and manager of the dog’s Instagram account.



Dan Tharp

Marketing Manager

Extreme indoor enthusiast. Lifelong rogue, regardless of the RPG system. Lynchian. Total ENFJ and making the most of it. Hi!


Steve Barr

Community & Content Manager

Maker of weird sounds, player of games and creator of worlds. The INFP of the party and a lover of lists, cats and rainy days.


Tai Lee

Lead Developer

Barbarian. Conan, Son of Conan. Fixes things with fists. Also, keeps the servers running and the lights on.



Alyssa Simon

Marketing and PR Coordinator

Plant enthusiast. Cat mom. Overwatch and Final Fantasy XIV addict. TTRPG wild card, and not afraid to use a taser.


Ryan Cassar


Coder, puzzler, geek, the kind of guy who would check the character limit of this message on the commandline with wc.



Elden Loomes

Content Creator

Physics nerd, composer and actual cellist. An incurable Pathfinder devotee. Works in a frictionless vacuum.



Chris Körding

Content Creator

Sound and music nerd, running, hiking, perfectionist, dog dad, playing all the RPG franchises, even the weird ones.



Barry Doublet

Content Creator

Musician, sound designer, voice actor, not really French. Currently playing any board game and Spotify. Ecstatic to be here.



Tim Wilhelm

Content Creator

Maestro of musical madness, GM, goof & guitar god (in his own mind). Loves that his weirdness is creeping into other people's game worlds.