Revolutionising your tabletop gaming experience

Here's just a taster of some of the remarkable content that people have already begun building
with the Syrinscape SoundSet Creator.

To access all of Syrinscape's Community Content all you need is a SuperSyrin Subscription here

All our SuperSyrin Subscribers now have access to the Syrinscape SoundSet Creator and the ever growing library of community made content.

The SoundSet Creator gives you the power to create and customize your own sound environments, soundscapes and music. It's massively powerful sound-design tool that includes all of the dials, sliders, parameters, and other functions that you'll ever need to create your very own SoundSet.

Once you've finished your masterpiece in the SoundSet Creator you can upload it to our server and sync it to all your devices and play it like any normal Syrinscape SoundSet. Then, if your SoundSet is GREAT and doesn't break anyone's copyright, we may share it with the whole SuperSyrin Creator community. Our library of Community Content is available to all SuperSyrin Subscribers.

Here's a taste of what our community has come up with so far:

Battle of Wolven Pass
This is a most excellent SoundSet for massive field of battle war scenes. There's lots of Syrinscape content, mixed and matched here PLUS some really great original content. Great work again, Caldeth. You're a legend!
A fantastic Jungle SoundSet, created by Steve Barr. Thanks so much Caldeth! At last someone got to this long awaited piece of content.
Desert Camp
This remarkable piece of Community Content created by Steve Barr brings to life a Desert Nomad Camp, with camels, sandy winds, exotic dancers. Amazing work Steve! Keep them coming!!!
Lycanthrope stalker
This intensely disturbing piece of Community Content created by Steve Barr immerses you in a dim 'noir' world of werewolves and death stalking your every turn. "Dark" this.. "dark" that... it's all jolly stuff really!
Creepy Shopkeeper
Creepy Shopkeeper is created by Crystal Frasier, one of the genius developers at Paizo Inc. The idea behind this SoundSet is equipping a Game Master to run an entire shopping encounter for the Player Characters without having to utter a single word themselves. Just give it a go at your next gaming session. Hilarity is almost certainly guaranteed!
Goblin Lied
Use this SoundSet to replace the English Goblin song in "bo Burnt Offering" with a German version . THANK YOU soooo much to Philipp for your fantastic work on this! Yay for the Syrinscape community!

Revolutionising your tabletop gaming experience