Epic Games Need Epic Sound

Syrinscape is a revolutionary sound design app that adds evocative ambient background sound and a movie-like soundtrack to your tabletop gaming experience.

$0.00 – available for free. Download it here. You don't even need to register. Then you can buy the sounds you want, or unlock the entire program by subscribing.

ANY SoundSets you buy on ANY device will be available on ANY device you login in to in the future. You can be logged into 3 devices at any one time.

Android Phones and the iPhone version is also now out!

Yes. For example: the "Burnt offerings" SoundPack supports:
* a Goblin battle
* a seaside town
* an evil temple complex
* a glassworks
* a Goblin strong hold
* a Bunyip Battle
* and several other things
Each of our Pathfinder SoundPacks will support more and more d20 content, adding more and more monsters and fantastic locations to your library of Syrinscape content.

Syrinscape Fantasy Player 1.3.3.x is out now. This version includes support for SURROUND SOUND, saving your own custom mixes, and organising the left hand column and a text search field. We are being guided by user requests, so if you want something, find the Syrinscape forums and don't stay quiet about it.

The various different Global OneShots are attached to different SoundSets and will appear once you purchase+download them.

In the Fantasy Player:
The swords and arrows, spells and more are in “Bugbear Battle”
The cheesy musical stings are in “Stony Beach”
The Wilhelm Scream is in “Tavern Brawl”
The Modern guns and explosins are in “Modern Weapons”

In the Sci-Fi Player:
The Flamethrower is in "Insectoid Hive"
The "Small Arms" & "Automatic" weapons fire are in "Giant Sandworm"
The Airlocks are in "Alien from Alien"
The Wilhelm Scream is in "Alien Cantina"

If you become a Fantasy Subscriber today: If you need to change or Password or have forgotten your password go here:

It sounds like something is completely blocking Syrinscape's access to the Internet. How sad! :-/

Here's the things to check in the order to check them:
1) Firewall controlling Application's access to the internet? = give permission to Syrinscape;
2) Over zealous virus program? = Tell it that Syrinscape is safe;
3) Are you accessing the internet through a proxy? = that can sometimes confuse (make sure you've signed in or ask your network admin for help);
4) Check your system is not infected by the "GorillaPrice" Adware Virus (or anything else that inserts content into internet content you access) = you might see ads inserted into pages you browse. This happens to some people sometimes, and it very much breaks Syrinscape.
5) Does your windows Log In name have any special characters in it? If so try installing under a user with just normal ASCII characters and see if that works. Unity doesn’t cope well with fancy European names!

Does your windows Login name have any special characters in it? If so try installing under a user with just normal ASCII characters and see if that works. Unity doesn’t cope well with fancy European names! Or you can try this trick here: Syrinscape ProTip #5 - Setting Cache location (on PC, MAC and Unix)

Yes. Syrinscape will stay attached to which ever audio driver is DEFAULT at the moment it starts. So Set the audio driver you want Syrinscape to talk to as DEFAULT, then start Syrinscape then you are free to change your DEFAULT audio driver and Syrinscape won't notice. Using this trick, you can point Syrinscape at a virtual audio driver and pipe the audio down a chat client for online play. See more info for online play here: ProTips for Setting up Syrinscape

The Sci-Player is out now. Download on the Website or AppStores and enjoy. There is also a Subscription for the Sci-Fi Player. Check out the store for details. If you are a SuperSyrin you'll have access to all the Sci-Fi stuff as well as everything else we make. Check the store for the 'Light' Sword Battle SoundSet... it's cool!

You don't need to download anything manually. Restart the Syrinscape Player (log in if you need to) and the SoundSets you bought should now say "INSTALL THIS SOUNDSET". Click this and Syrinscape will take care of the rest.

Syrinscape SoundSet Creator is a simple to use but in-depth sound toolset which gives you the power to create and customize your own sound environments. The Syrinscape SoundSet Creator is available to all SuperSyrins.

NO! You don't have to be online for the Syrinscape Players to work. Connection to the internet is only needed for initial downloads, syncing content and installing new content.

We’d love you to use Syrinscape. If we can help to make your PodCast/YouTube Videos awesome that is great for you and great for us!

All you need to do is:
1) Give us a shout out at some point during the game: eg “Oh and, thanks as always to Syrinscape for the amazing atmosphere and music. Make sure you check them out at www.syrinscape.com. You’ve just got to be using it at your gaming table.”

2) Link to us in your credits with this kind of thing:
Music and Sound by Syrinscape.
Because Epic games need Epic game sounds

3) Use it well:

4) Let us know when an episode goes live and we’ll give it a big push on our Social Media.

Here are a couple of images you might like to use as a credit on a video or webpage:
Right-click here to save or Right-click here to save another

Please note: The sounds Syrinscape makes should not comprise the whole or most of the audio track of your new work (i.e. please don't just run Syrinscape and post the resultant output so people don't have to buy the content we have worked so hard to create).

Legal stuff = You will be using Syrinscape under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence 3.0. More info here: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/au/

Try the following steps:
1) Click the SETTINGS button on the bottom left
2) Click the SHOW button to the right of "CLEAR SOUNDSET DATA"
3) Click the CLEAR DATA button to the right of the first of the problem SoundSets
4) Answer YES to the question that pops up.
5) Now re-download the SoundSet Data in the normal way.

Make sure the ringer is not on silent. If any of the volumes are turned right down, Syrinscape will make no noise, even when other apps will.

Also if you have an older device, try going to settings and change the side switch which is on 'rotation' to 'mute' and then back to 'rotation'.

The SoundSet Creator is a complex and powerful tool set – the same one we at Syrinscape use to create our massive libraries of sounds. It required extensive resources to develop, and requires ongoing resources to enable the global Syrinscape community to upload and share their creations, as well as synch their own Syrinscape SoundSets across all of their devices. As such, we can only offer it as a premium to our SuperSyrin Subscribers at this time.

Symantec’s attitude to the Syrinscape installers seems to waver in an apparent random fashion!

Here are instructions for rescuing your quarantined file:

Some users have had a problem with CleanMyMac. It automatically deletes user cache files, including the Syrinscape cache files. Add the Syrinscape cache to its ‘ignore list’, and that just might fix the problem.

Contact us at support@syrinscape.com and we'll sort it out for you ourselves.

NOTE: There is now an Android build that plays in the background. Download it here.

Syrinscape uses the super powerful Unity engine for its 3D surround audio. At the moment that's what's stopping it from going into the background. Think of Syrinscape more as a fully fledged sequencer (like Garage Band = stops in the background) than a music player playing a single mp3! Often Syrinscape is playing back 20 or more sample simultaneously, each with dynamic positioning, reverb and even doppler effect. Performance and responsiveness becomes a BIG issue when processes go to low power mode, and there's issues with keeping Unity running and not destroying the rest of the Tablets system, thus Unity (and hence Syrinscape) pauses atm. I have actually found it is best to have Syrinscape sitting open on the table in front of me so I can change Sounds with just a single touch. Just make sure you keep the screen brightness low-ish so as not to drain your battery.

ALSO: Remember you can sign in as you on up to three devices at once, so you might get one of your players to bring a tablet to devote to Syrinscape for the game, with the bonus that they will get to keep the sounds when they are home too. Just make sure you leave a chunk of time to download necessary content.

Does that all make sense?

That said, should it become possible to keep Syrinscape running in the background at some time in the future, be assured, we will DEFINITELY go for it! It's something I would like too!

To unsubscribe go to:

1) your PayPal account
2) click on the Cog to get to your Profile
3) Select the Payments Tab at the top
4) My pre-approved payments –> Update
5) Syrinscape
6) Cancel

a) I always use:
I run it direct from the web = click the “Start Recording” button. You can make it capture the screen and audio or just audio.

There’s sometimes a little bit of fiddling to get the Syrinscape Audio heard by Apowersoft, but once it’s working, it works really well. HINT: open Apowersoft, record a little bit of audio and then stop it again, THEN start Syrinscape, and you should be good to go. You’ll need to let Apowersoft install the virtual audio driver on your system. IMPORTANT: Always test it's recording correctly before you do something long and significant.

b) You should be able to use Audacity, it’s just a matter of working your way through one of the many reasonably helpful, but often slightly confusing tutorials you can find online. Like here: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/tutorial_recording_computer_playback_on_windows.html

Super easy fix. There are many HOURS of classic big orchestral fantasy music in Syrinscape.

Simply do this:
1) Start a mood with the music your not crazy aout
2) Stop the D&D Battle Music Element
3) Go to a SoundSet that has music you love (a good one might be "Hell" = it has some of our most EPIC music).
4) Start the top element there and adjust level to taste
5) Go back to your original SoundSet and save yourself a custom mood
That's what's so great about Syrinscape = totally customizable to be perfect for YOU!

Anyone with an existing sub will see no change in what they have access too, nor what they gain permanent ownership of (that is EVERYTHING Fantasy). New subs now make a choice about what is important for them, but even then - both D&D and Pathfinder Fantasy subs gain ACCESS to everything Fantasy (it's only the permanent ownership that has changed).

Of course you can use our NPC voices as simply a starting off point for your OWN voice acting. I find when an encounter then progresses elsewhere and I take over with my own acting, it really helps to set the personality of the NPC, when the Players can actually hear their voice for real. Also: Chris Perkins, Mike Mearls, James Jacobs or Matt Mercer DMing at your table? How is that not VERY cool!?!

Epic Games Need Epic Sound