Epic Sound Effects & Ambient Music for Tabletop RPGs

A selection of Syrinscape Soundset artworks with an illustrated monster

Monstrously huge library of sound effects, ambience and background music

  • 4,489 original music tracks, 39,161 dynamic sound effects, 72,138 individual sound samples, with new content released every week
  • Every monster brought to life with a unique voice, special attacks and accompanying battle music
  • Rich environmental sound effects - everything you need to set the perfect scene
  • Triggerable spell sounds, victory stingers, sad trombones, and even the Wilhelm scream

Official sounds for all your favourite game systems

  • Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, Cyberpunk RED, Starfinder and more
  • Adventure specific sound effects, ambience and background music
  • NPC dialog performed by professional voice actors and industry legends
  • Scene specific traps, spells and events ready to trigger
  • Every epic adventure moment enhanced by immersive, detailed sound design
Screenshot of the Hydra Battle Soundset with the illustrated characters jumping out

Dynamic, non-repeating, spatial audio engine

Syrinscape has been specifically designed for Dungeon Masters to help immerse players in the game. It does this by using powerful algorithms to distribute samples randomly in time and in the surround sound environment.

Each individual sound is separately controlled by the app, automatically randomized and positioned - even things like the acoustics of the environment and the doppler effect for moving sounds are dynamically applied.

As a Dungeon Master you don't even need to think about what Syrinscape is doing, just hit Battle begins and Syrinscape will take care of the rest.

Sounds for every occasion

  • Call of Cthulhu: Regency Cthulhu: The Long Corridor 1 - The Northlake ball - The ballroom

  • Kaiju Island - Island Rainfall

  • Brindol Town - Music straight away

  • Casino - Busy

  • Dungeon Depths - Music (no delay)

  • Storm - Height of the storm

  • Bugbear Battle - Battle begins

  • Abandoned Space Station - Aliens on-board

  • Under a fell black sky - Dancing rogues

  • Train games - Lonesome harmonica

  • Witchwood - Something's out there

  • Shipboard - Cruising in open space

  • Car chase 1920 - Starting up

Someone chatting online at their desktop computer with dragons and fantasy characters emerging from behind the screen

Play online in perfect sync

  • Create immersion and engagement no matter how far apart you are, with crystal clear audio mixed directly in the browser
  • The perfect sound is always quick and easy to find in Syrinscape's vast, searchable library
  • Players join with no account or payment needed, and nothing to download or install
  • Easy to use with any virtual tabletop
Screenshot of the Syrinscape Soundset Creator surrounded by illustrations of aliens

Customize Syrinscape's sounds or create your own

  • It's your story - take control of the score
  • Mix and match Syrinscape's official content to build your own complete ambiences and scenes
  • Upload your own music tracks and samples
  • Share with the Syrinscape community and use content built by others

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