How to grab your free Welcome to the Jungle SoundSet

  1. If you haven't already, register a free Syrinscape account
  2. Redeem your voucher via this link here
  3. OR click Voucher from the menu at the top of the screen at
  4. Redeem using this voucher code “EverydayHeroes2022”
  5. Click downloads and install the Syrinscape Sci-Fi Player
  6. Open up the app and find your content. You can search for “Welcome” in the search bar at the top left of the App if you need help finding it
  7. Install your Welcome to the Jungle SoundSet
  8. Enjoy a world of epic RPG sounds as you delve into the worlds of Everyday Heroes

Get Started with Syrinscape

How to use Syrinscape in 5 quick videos

A definite must watch, this playlist of videos will get you started on everything you need to know about using the Syrinscape Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or Board Game Players for Offline sound at your table. Reach out to us on the forums or via if you have any questions.

How to DJ a game live in the Syrinscape Online Player

A SUPER USEFUL video with great tips for how to DJ while you DM games.

See Syrinscape Online Player​ for info on how to get setup and ready to play!

Setting up with the Online Player as a brand new person

Here's a 3 minute video of Ben taking every step needed to get set up as a Player playing in a game where the DM is using the Syrinscape Online Player. It reallyis that quick and easy.