The Syrinscape Web Player

Someone chatting online at their desktop computer with dragons and fantasy characters emerging from behind the screen

You asked for it, and now we are super excited to announce the Syrinscape Web Player!

Broadcast epic tabletop RPG sound effects and ambient music to players anywhere in the world, in perfect sync and full quality, with just a browser.1

  • Just click Share Audio to copy a link for your players to join, with no account or payment needed and nothing to download or install.

    Share Audio link in the Master Interface

  • Get immediate access to 22 SoundSets for FREE, or 965 SoundSets (and counting) with our SuperSyrin subscription.
  • Use with any virtual tabletop. Deep integrations coming soon.

1 Runs in Chrome, Edge and Firefox on Windows, macOS and Linux.

A knight on horseback fighting an army of undead with a dragon in the sky and and a tower with mystical lights emanating from the top

Under a Fell Black Sky

To celebrate, we are also releasing our first ever Syrinscape Original D&D 5E oneshot adventure with integrated sound, FREE for everyone!

Written by Ben Loomes, Under a Fell Black Sky is a rollicking high action adventure for 5th level characters set on a chaotic field of battle between a civilized army, and hordes of undead.

Designed to be played in a single sitting, the player characters must quickly orient themselves, traverse a muddy plain, climb a tower, deal with a quartet of questionable NPCs, save the day, and battle to survive against an overpowering foe.

Sounds for every occasion

  • Cryogenic Facility - Something Went Seriously Awry

  • Blaster Battle - Turn the music up

  • Bugbear Battle - Battle begins

  • Insectoid Hive - Critters, Critters, Everywhere! (lite)

  • Car chase 1920 - 1920 Chase

  • Red Dragon City Raid - Dragon fire

  • Shipboard - Continuous music

  • Dungeon Depths - Music (no delay)

  • Train games - Busy day on the rails

  • Brindol Town - Music straight away

  • Chess - Marimba and Clocks

  • Casino - Busy

  • Creepy Shopkeeper - Helping other customers

  • Market Street 2076 - Neo Tokyo

  • Club Flux - Busy at the bar

  • Claustrophobia 1643 - Going To Hell

  • Friendly Tavern - More music

  • Storm - Height of the storm

  • Rise of the Herald - Confronting the high priest (lite)

  • Under a fell black sky - Impact

  • Witchwood - Raining again

  • Bugbear Battle 8-bit - 8-bit battle begins

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