Dungeons & Dragons: Lich

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Syrinscape's Lich SoundSet brings you the complete horrifying experience of an encounter with this most (literally) dreadful of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS creatures.


  • Rich original music
  • complete support for the lich as an interactable NPC, with 29 conversational OneShots, including: welcome phrases, yes, no, what?!, deal or no deal, and a range of colourful thematic comments. You can actually run a complete roleplay encounter using the Syrinscape OneShot soundboard as your voice acting tool. Your players will think you are a genius!
  • and if diplomacy doesn't work, there's a rich and horrible combat track complete with: lich growls and gasps and hisses, and more than 30 richly colorlful and cruel taunts.
  • and of course the special abilities are there too, Frightening Gaze and Disrupt Life, everything you need to ruin the rest of your player character's short existences.

The voice acting for this Lich was performed by Benjamin Loomes (the Syrinscape CEO) and processed with: pitch and formant shifts, octave doubling, and forward and reverse reverb, all working together to make the Lich's voice sound truly, out-of-time, perverted, and genuinely disturbing.

From the Monster Manual
A lich often haunts the abode it favored in life, such as a lonely tower, a haunted ruin, or an academy of black magic. Alternatively, some liches construct secret tombs filled with powerful guardians and traps.

Everything about a lich’s lair reflects its keen mind and wicked cunning, including the magic and mundane traps that secure it. Undead, constructs, and bound demons lurk in shadowy recesses, emerging to destroy those who dare to disturb the lich’s work.

This SoundSet will appear by default in the Syrinscape Fantasy Player app, but you can make it appear in any of the apps by using the Campaign Manager.

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SoundSet Specifics


Lich lair
Inner sanctum
Mad ramblings
Conversing with the lich
Combat (no auto taunts)
Combat (more music)
Peace at last


Death House backing
Heart beat music
Lich combat music
Lich lair music
Amber temple bangs
Amber temple hum
Reflections in amber
Hell cave
Wind whistly
Crumbling stone walls
Torch on wall
Magical windchimes
Lich combat vocals
Mad ramblings
Mad ramblings (delayed)
Duty is eternal death speech
Boom hit
Lich combat vocals (growls only)
Official D&D
At last something interesting
Not so interesting after all
I might do that
I will not do that
It's a deal
No deal
Thank you
Get out
Duty is eternal
I can control skeletons
I used to be an adventurer
No rush
We all make sacrifices
Worship me!
You call ME proud?
You will serve
It's pronounced Lich
Lich combat taunt
Paralyzing touch
Frightening gaze
Disrupt life