DnD Music & Sounds: Remorhaz Battle

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With the Remorhaz battle SoundSet, Syrinscape brings you a fully fleshed out encounter, with three different approach sound mixes, both a young and full sized remorhaz to battle, and an Aftermath mood to put on while the PCs feebly try to extinguish their burning equipment (and hair). Particularly useful here are OneShot triggerable sounds for the vocalisations of the Remorhaz, a burning heated body sound, a huge sound for surfacing, and our favorite, a big burning burping sound for swallow whole.

From the Monster Manual: From beneath the snow and ice bursts a remorhaz in a cloud of steam, its body pulsing with internal fire. Winglike fins flare from the back of the creature’s head, and its wide mouth brims with jagged teeth.

This SoundSet will appear by default in the Syrinscape Fantasy Player app, but you can make it appear in any of the apps by using the Campaign Manager.

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SoundSet Specifics


Icy caves
At the entrance of the lair
Deeper inside
Young remorhaz battle
More music (young)
Remorhaz mother battle
More music (mother)


Combat low key
Combat lower key
Cavern winds static
Wind sweetener indoors
Ice and glaciers
Cavern winds moving
Earthquake rumble small
Walking on ice
Water geyser
Evaporating water
Dripping water
Bubbling hot water
Boots on ice and snow (cave)
Swords clash whoosh
Taking damage
Crossbow attack
Armor foley
Young remorhaz exertion
Young remorhaz screams
Centipede legs
Splashing through water
Remorhaz mother exertion
Remorhaz mother screams
Official D&D
Battle stabs
Exertion (young)
Scream (young)
Exertion (mother)
Scream (mother)
Heated body
Swallow whole


Remorhaz battle