DnD Music & Sounds: Basilisk battle

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With the Basilisk battle SoundSet, Syrinscape brings you a fully fleshed out encounter with this marvelously horrible creature. The PCs travel across a desolate frozen plain, spying ruins in the distance they approach, Syrinscape all the time telling the players at the table that something powerful hides here. Investigating the ruins, the PCs discover an opening giving access to a vast underground area. Delving deeper a chamber filled with strange runes and fitted with six braziers is revealed, with appropriate sound design and music. There is some kind of puzzle here. Unfortunately for the PCs, the only positive result of solving the pattern is successfully summoning the basilisk. Battle ensues.

That's one way a Dungeon Master might use this SoundSet. The other way is to simply click on the Basilisk battle mood straight away. That works too!

The battle sequence includes three settings, a normal music level, a mood to lower the combat sounds and lift the music volume, and then another to trigger completely fresh music, to refresh the ears of the players (in case they are taking a long time to kill the basilisk, which is always possible).

Individually triggerable basilisk roars are also available, and of course the dreaded petrifying gaze, DMs should that use one as MUCH as possible

From the Monster Manual: A basilisk is a multilegged, reptilian horror whose deadly gaze transforms victims into porous stone. With its strong jaws, the creature consumes this stone, which returns to organic form in its gullet.

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SoundSet Specifics


Desolate chilled plain
Approaching the ruins
A hidden space deep inside
Rune chamber
Basilisk battle
More music
New music


Icewind Dale combat lower key
Piano moments
Combat music - body
Combat music - start
Crows & ravens
Swarm of crows
Mountain wind
Overland winds
Wind sweetener indoors
Ghostly jarls
Armor foley
Axe swings
Exertion (low)
Exertion (high)
Burning torches
Tumbling pebbles
Footsteps in snow (group)
Footsteps in snow (single)
Blue flames brazier
Misty hum
Crumbling stone
Open portal sound
Open portal sound (resonance)
Sword swooshes
Axe and shield
Basilisk roars
Basilisk combat roll
Basilisk sniffing
Official D&D
Basilisk roar
Basilisk big roar
Petrifying gaze
Freezing stare
Wyrm brazier
Liv brazier
Krig brazier
Dod brazier
Fjell brazier
Vind brazier


Basilisk battle