Fantasy Sounds & Music: Temple of the Healing Hand

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The road has been long and the party is weary. Travel and battle have taken their toll on the brave adventures and things are looking dire. But there up ahead, shining like a beacon against the darkest night! They spot a welcoming temple. A sanctuary for rest and relaxation. More importantly, a place to heal and invigorate.

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SoundSet Specifics


Approaching the temple
Approaching (no music)
Inside the temple
Inside (no entrance gong)
Audience hall
Arrival of the preist(ess)
Ritual room
Resurrection ritual
Garden courtyard


Approaching the temple
Temple choir
Appearance of the preist(ess)
Resurrection ritual
Mountain wind
Overland winds
Wind whistly
Constant wind
Temple hang
Temple bangs
Temple hum
Temple bells
Hell cave 7
Crumbling stone walls
Torch on wall
Spector hiss
Magical windchimes
Spooky gongs
There be magic
Eagle call
Bird songs
Nightingale song
Water fountain
Eagle call
Open door
Heavy stone door
Entrance gong
Big gong
Magical windchimes
There be magic
Spector hiss


Temple of the Healing Hand