Call of Cthulhu: Thing in the Fog Ambient Sounds

USD 4.40

As the heavy fog rolls in, you're pretty sure there's nothing to worry about. After all, there's nothing in the fog that can harm you. Or is it the fog itself you should be worried about?

Little is known about this most alien of entities, it is unclear whether it can even be called a “monster” in its own right, as it only appears as groping tendrils of fog or mist. Whatever it is, it is malignant. Attempting to trip up and asphyxiate investigators with its semi-solid choking tendrils. The thing cannot abide the presence of light, and something as strong as the shine of a flashlight drives it off with a horrific shriek. It could be speculated that this “Thing” is in the service of the cultists, but this may be untrue.

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SoundSet Specifics


Busy London streets (night)
(add rain)
Deserted streets
Something's out there
What's that?!
Oh, my lordy! Run!


Creepy music
Spooky music
Combat Music
Death drums
Big Ben chimes
Heavy rain
1920s Car Horn
1920s traffic
Flickering lights
The dogs smell something
Wind Chilly
Wind Cold
Passing by
Busy streets
London Streets
Ooze roars
Ooze slam connects
Background hum
Ooze slam
Ooze elbows
Ooze knees
Strange resonance deep
Strange resonance weird
1920 Music
Space suit panic
Official Cthulhu
Horror hit
Metal gate
Big Ben
1 oclock
6 oclock
12 oclock
Breaking Glass
Upset dog
Thing roar


Thing in the fog