Music and Sound Effects: PFB Power, Wonder & Glory

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Power, Wonder, & Glory - The soundtrack for Power, Wonder, & Glory, part two of the Symphonic Record of Vone. Includes music for battle, town, adventure, and more. To find out more about Project Fullblade and The Chronicles of Vone visit;

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SoundSet Specifics


01 Escaping evil
02 Power & wonder
03The New City
04 An envisionary's sound
05 Power
06 The Land of Magical Beasts
07 Farmaka
08 Tribulations of the mind
09 Wonder & glory
10 Glory
11 Wonder
12 The Master of Demons
13 Power & glory
14 Power, wonder and glory
Full album


Full album playback
Full album playback (No pause)
Project Fullblade - Escaping evil
Project fullblade - Power & wonder
Project Fullblade - The New City
Project Fullblade - An envisionary's sound
Project Fullblade - Power
Project Fullblade - The Land of Magical Beasts
Project Fullblade - Farmaka
Project Fullblade - Tribulations of the mind
Project Fullblade - Wonder & glory
Project Fullblade - Glory
Project Fullblade - Wonder
Project Fullblade - The Master of Demons
Project Fullblade - Power & glory
Project Fullblade - Power, wonder & glory


PFB Power, Wonder & Glory

Music licenced from Project Fullblade for use in Syrinscape