Pathfinder: Corpse lotus battle ambient sounds

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Let Syrinscape's battle sound effects be the drumbeat to your RPG's heart, accentuating every strategic play and perilous parry.

The corpse lotus is a vile plant that survives by feeding off of carrion. It also uses long vines to pull victims into its 'mouth'. Charming!

From the bestiary:
A corpse lotus begins life as a small flowering plant that blooms near carrion, and if given enough time, it grows into an incredibly large and dangerous monstrosity.

This terrifying plant possesses grasping vines capable of pummeling opponents before dragging them toward its maw. Always found where carcasses are abundant, corpse lotuses have been known to grow in dungeons, ruins, graveyards, and battlefields in addition to more typical wooded or marshy locales.

Every corpse lotus has a single bulbous flower in its center, similar in shape to a lotus flower. The blossom’s petals are blood-red, and hide an acidic maw at the flower’s center. Corpse lotuses in different regions tend to resemble the dominant plant species in the surrounding area (with the exception of their distinct red petals), thus granting the plants natural camouf lage and enabling them to hide among native foliage. Their vines are thick and writhe madly when reaching for potential prey. Corpse lotuses gain their name from the gardens of dead bodies that frequently surround these large, predatory plants—usually of animals and humanoids that strayed too close to the lotus and met their deaths within its gullet.

While at rest, a corpse lotus can reach 8 feet in height and splay its leaves nearly 15 feet wide.

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SoundSet Specifics


Out in the forest
Birdies are silent...?
Corpse lotus battle
Late battle


Creepy plants
Death drums
Vine screechs
Vine reaches
Vine constrictions
Armor sounds heavy
Armor foley
Ill wind
Breaking twigs
Birdies in the woods
Wind in the trees
Playful river water
Vine constrictions (late)
Vine Screechs (late)
Underbrush (late)
Vine reaches (late)
Official Pathfinder
Preserving mist


Corpse lotus battle

This SoundSet was imagined, compiled, designed, created, mixed and finished by Chris Koerding of, using samples created by him and also the following list of samples from the collaborative Internet database of creative-commons licensed sounds

"rope-pull-2" by "huggy13ear"

Key: "sample name" by "username". Find user freesound accounts under[username]


Riverwater loop created by Chris Koerding for Syrinscape
Undergrowth movement created by Christian Koerding for Syrinscape
Preserving mist created by Christian Koerding for Syrinscape
"Rope Golem Screeches" performed by Robert Frostrazor Brambley for Syrinscape
“Rope Golem Screech” performed by Roger Reg Mc Reynolds for Syrinscape

"Bear_" sounds are used under Creative Commons Attribution Licence, sourced from Youtube video "Grizzly bear sounds" by AlexTriceratops123

Music composed, performed and recorded by Benjamin Loomes for Syrinscape and also: "Scarwall Creepy" composed by Erdenstern


All weapons recorded and mastered by Benjamin Loomes at

Icons made by:
Lorc, (
Delapouite, (
John Colburn, (
Felbrigg, (
Available on
And Karen Loomes for

Art provided by Paizo Inc.

Pathfinder, Paizo, and their respective logos, are registered trademarks of Paizo Inc. ©2020 Paizo Inc. All rights reserved Sounds created under license with Paizo Inc.2020