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Goblin battle

USD 4.40

Goblins wreaking unrestricted havoc, with dog-slicer, fire and bomb. This SoundSet also features the famous Goblin Song, sung with the appalling inaccuracy that only Paizo Goblins can muster. This is a breakout SoundSet from the Pathfinder Adventure Path SoundPack.

This SoundSet will appear by default in the Syrinscape Fantasy Player app, but you can make it appear in any of the apps by using the Campaign Manager.

USD 4.40

SoundSet Specifics


Goblin raid
Goblin pyros
Goblin commandos


Goblin song
Woman scream
Man cry
Womenfolk screaming
Children screaming
Waves flies and gulls
The dogs smell something
Dogs upset
Fire crackers
Goblins smash
Goblin Commando's dog
Goblin Commando
Fires burning
Men's cries


Goblin Battle

Goblin Battle SoundSet © 2014 Paizo Inc. Paizo Inc., the Paizo golem logo, Pathfinder, and Pathfinder Adventure Path are trademarks of Paizo Inc. Sounds created under license with Paizo Inc.

Art provided by Paizo Inc.


Epic Games Need Epic Sound