Pathfinder: Thistletop

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Syrinscape's tabletop RPG music app turns mere background noise into an intricate score that breathes life into your game's universe.

Resisting a Goblin incursion in your home town is one thing, setting off to take them out in their own base is another thing altogether. Thistletop is a seaside Goblin 'fortification' just north of Sandpoint. Apart from the usual despicable horde of Goblin warriors, wives and children, down beneath Thistletop you'll find the more powerful evils that drew the Goblins here in the first place. This SoundSet will give you battle encounters with Yeth Hounds, Barghests and even a Bunyip, if the players are silly enough to descend into its watery nest. There are also a number of fantastically useful OneShots including two hideously dangerous sounding blade traps.

This SoundSet contains all the music and atmosphere you'll need to accompany a PC attack on Thistletop, the Goblin base in "Burnt Offerings", the first chapter of the wildly popular "Rise of the Runelords" adventure path.

The full orchestral battle music tracks included in the "Thistletop" SoundSet can be combined with the other Battle SoundSets in Syrinscape giving you more musical options for combat at your tabletop. See how here:

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SoundSet Specifics


In the thistles
Thistle battle
In the stockade
Stockade battle
Shadowmist battle
Throneroom battle
Down by the shore
Bunyip battle
Dungeon level one
Dungeon level two
In the crypt
Bruthazmus battle
Yeth hounds battle
Malfeshnekor battle
Nualia battle


Official Pathfinder
Burnt offerings music
Filthy slasher trap
Slashing cage trap
Wind and waves
Waves in the stones
Sandpoint gulls
Bunyip calls
Bunyip calls
Creaking stockade
Big roar
Goblin Commando
Goblins smash
Goblin dog
Big roars
Is that a horse?
Bruthazmus laugh
Bruthazmus laughs
Goblin growls
Gecko hisses
Weapon on weapon
Something dead in the air
Cold shadows


bo Thistletop

This SoundSet was imagined, compiled, designed, created, mixed, and finished by Benjamin Loomes of, using samples created by him and also the following list of samples from the collaborative Internet database of creative-commons licensed sounds

"Ghost-Fx" by "Oscillator" (
"Seagulls-Close-Up" by "Juskiddink" (
"" by "Ashleyxxpiano" (
"heavy-smash-001" by "joelaudio" (
Wawes-Pebbles"" by "Dobroide" (
"Horse-Neigh" by "Dobroide" (
"Horse-Snort-2" by "Erh" (
"stenhagen-chatting-seagulls" by "owl" (
"Gulls-Passing" by "M-Newlove" (
"box-of-stuff-falls" by "animationisaac" (
"cupsmash" by "tezzza" (
"platesmash" by "tezzza" (
"Horse" by "3Bagbrew" (
"Door-Old-Creaking-2" by "Tmkappelt" (
"Creaking-Wooden-Door-0002" by "d-w" (
"Creaking-Wooden-Door-0004" by "d-w" (
"Breathofdeath" by "Gabemiller74" (
"smashing-glass" by "cosmicembers" (
"Fjord-Beach-00" by "Dobroide" (
"Prepared-Guitar-Noise-Scraping" by "Experimental-Illness" (
"quick-smash-003" by "joelaudio" (
"01835-Hinge-Creak" by "Robinhood76" (
"heavy-smash-002" by "joelaudio" (
"Creaking-Wooden-Door-0001" by "d-w" (
"Creaking-Wooden-Door-0006" by "d-w" (

The music in this SoundSet was composed, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Benjamin Loomes for

Icons made by:
Lorc, (
Delapouite, (
John Colburn, (
Felbrigg, (
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Pathfinder Adventure Path: Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition, Burnt Offerings © 2012. Paizo Inc., the Paizo golem logo, Pathfinder, and Pathfinder Adventure Path are trademarks of Paizo Inc. Author: James Jacobs. SoundSet © 2014. Sounds created under license with Paizo Inc.

Art provided by Paizo Inc.