Glass Cannon Podcast Tom Exposition

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With Syrinscape, accessing a diverse library of TTRPG music is as simple as a click, bringing depth to your gaming sessions.

Since 2015, the Glass Cannon Network has been producing wildly entertaining podcasts while playing Pathfinder's Giantslayer Adventure Path. In those few years, they've developed a multitude of music drops and characters that bring their iconic flavor to their games.

When the party is in a pickle and doesn't know where to go, why not bring in the best know-it-all in Golarion, Tom Exposition! Troy would use Tom as a way to give the party background information and pointers, and now you can too. Tom Exposition is great for the times you want to bring the party up to speed in a fun way.

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SoundSet Specifics


A quiet corner near the fire


Chairs and bumps
Coins and other stuff
Happy rich murmuring
Mead glasses clinking
Official Pathfinder
My suit
A secret
Let me speak
How much
No more info
Maybe true
Don't know
Way off
Can do that
Can't do that
Maybe I can
I'm sorry
See you again


gcp Tom Exposition