Starfinder Music & Sound Effects: Absalom Station

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Bring to life this, the most iconic location in the Starfinder Universe. Absalom Station is a sprawling, densely inhabited space station, perfect in fact for any Sci-fi adventure. Rich with highly variable locations, from the bustling Docking Bay to the cool, slick Ring, from the noisy and smelly slum-like Spike filled with every kind of stinky villainy to the intimidating wealth of Bluerise Tower. There's enough here to keep your Players exploring for hours, and when you poke around the recesses of a space station, there's no knowing what kinds of adventure you might find.

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SoundSet Specifics


The Arms
Docking bay
The Ring
Bluerise Tower
Drifters End
The Lorespire
The Spike


Street Music
Indoor music
Crowd ambience : vendors
Crowd ambience : loiterers
Rythmic Machine
Citizens Alarmed
Vehicle traffic
More vehicle traffic
Foot traffic
Illusory echoes
Advertising broadcasts
Advertising broadcasts (more)
Neon lights
Alien crowd
People laughing
More aliens
Background room hum
Coughs and throats
Console beeps
Chairs and bumps
Data streams
Power sparks
Steam pipe burst
Serious hull stress
Laser - small
Station drone
Station hum
Air conditioning hum
More whispers
Footsteps hard floor
Take-offs & landings
Electric shocks
Welding sparks
Work tools
Engine noise
Servos & lifts
Hangar ambience
Official Starfinder
Nearby explosion
Walking mech
Security siren
Man scream
Woman scream
Small arms fire


Absalom Station

This SoundSet was imagined, compiled, designed, created, mixed and finished by Steve Barr of, using samples created by him and also the following list of samples from the collaborative Internet database of creative-commons licensed sounds

"police-car-siren" by "motion-s"

Key: "sample name" by "username". Find user freesound accounts under[username]


Newsreals by Steve Barr

Music composed, performed and recorded by Benjamin Loomes for

Icons made by:
Lorc, (
Delapouite, (
John Colburn, (
Felbrigg, (
Available on
And Karen Loomes for

Starfinder Adventure Path: Dead Suns © 2017. Paizo Inc., the Paizo golem logo, Starfinder, and Starfinder Adventure Path are trademarks of Paizo Inc. SoundSet © 2017. Sounds created under license with Paizo Inc.

Art provided by Paizo Inc.