Fantasy Sounds & Music: Jungleplanet dinolaser battle

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Here at Syrinscape we are always striving to bring you the highest in audio quality and realism. Having recently discovered a new synth-sound-source of exceptional supremacy we are excited to be able to today bring you an encounter we've only hitherto dreamt of being able to render in Syrinscape. This "Jungleplanet dinolaser battle" is so realistic and immersive you'll be sticking Jungleplanet dinolaser battles into every RPG session from now on, just to give your players the chance again to hear these high quality Jungleplanet dinolaser battle sounds.

So pure and perfect are these samples, we have not done even the slightest bit of audio processing on them, presenting them to you, in perfect pure spontaneous glory. We hope you enjoy this new height of audio ecstasy.

As seen on Acquisitions Incorporated (featuring the Dire Ostrich) (otherwise known as the "Fark bird"

Released on April 1st one year, this was only ever meant as a joke... but that joke seems to catching on!

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SoundSet Specifics


Jungle unplugged
Raining (sort of)
Jungle dino laser battle


Jungle battle music
Unplugged wind
Burbling insects
Laser guns
Laser guns (more)
Dino growls
Dino roars
Dino roar
Battle chatter
Fark birds
Fark bird
Buhl buhps
Ball boppers
Hello bird
Whistler bird
Buhl buhp
Herrrup bird
Ka Kah bird
Bulb bulb frogs
Whistler bird (more)
Ball bopper
Laser guns
Bulb bulb frog
Narka nuk muk
Ribbut frogs
Narka nuk muks
Ribbut frog
Scittering insects
Dino roar (distant)
Dino roars (distant)
Hello birds
Whistler birds
Scittering insects (more)
Ka Kah birds
Herrrup birds
Burbling insects (more)
Battle chatter
Rain (more)
Rain ii
Rain ii (more)


Jungleplanet dinolaser battle

All sounds, effects, music, birds, frogs, rain, wind, pews, roars, 'splosions created by Benjamin Loomes' mouth for Syrinscape Pty Ltd.

Thanks to Bekah Barker for the toy dinosaur, Karen Loomes for the laser eyes, and April 1 for being a thing.