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Realmsmith: Brigand's Corridor

USD 4.40

'Rain patters lightly on the blackened cobblestone of the alley. Clouds have blotted out what little light would have come from the waning moon. The smell of old soot and the charred history of this place lingers in the air'

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This soundest is from ’Part 3: The Brigands Corridor’ module from RealmSmith’s Monthly Adventure in a box. To check out the rest of 'The Twisted Hand of Fate' Adventure, head to www.realmsmith.tv

USD 4.40

SoundSet Specifics


The Corridor
Bandit Battle
The Wine Cellar
The Puzzle
The Halls of the Old Guild
The Door Opens, The Sewer Stinks


Distant Piano
Sounds in the Alley
Spooky wind
Arcana deep voice note
Mad voices
Creaking beams
Manly men
Drum hits
Weapon impacts
Sword swooshes
Grunts and shouts
Crackling wind
Water laps at my feet
Violet in the Sewers
Deep background hum
Station hum
Bass - pulsating drone
Distant thunder
Bass - melodic
Official Realmsmith
Creaking door
Creaking Step
Grinding stone on stone
Stone Wall Slam


rsac Brigand's Corridor

Created by Jason Azevedo and Brandon Perkins of RealmSmith Inc using Syrinscape samples and the voices of the Realmsmith cast


Epic Games Need Epic Sound