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Realmsmith: Shattered Shield Tavern

USD 4.40

'The Shattered Shield is a quaint but colorful tavern found in the town of Blackwell. It stands invitingly in the center of the old district. The flagstone that surrounds it is stained black from soot and flame, causing it to shine brightly amidst its shadowed surroundings. It bears a single sign hanging from a post next to the front door. Above the door, a broken shield has been set. A memory of a bygone era in the town’s history.'

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USD 4.40

SoundSet Specifics


A typical Night
By the Hearth
A Quiet Night


Musicians play for mead
Order of Dragonsbane
Mead glasses clinking
Kira laughing
Sandar laughing
Happy rich murmuring
Coins and other stuff
Burps and drink noises
Manly men
Bright rowdiness
Echoing happiness
Chairs and bumps
Bass - melodic
Official Realmsmith
Kira laughs
Sandar laughs
Woman screaming
Smashing glass


rsac Shattered Shield Tavern

Created by Jason Azevedo and Brandon Perkins of RealmSmith Inc using Syrinscape samples and the voices of the Realmsmith cast


Epic Games Need Epic Sound