Fantasy Sounds & Music: The birds

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What a lovely forest. So many birds. I like birds. ...there really are a lot of birds. Look at the way they seem to be watching us. Sweet aren't they? It's kinda weird the way they are following us. From branch to branch. maybe speed up a little, if you're fine to. I'm not nervous, it's just those birds are making me feel a little nervous.. I mean weird. Oh god, run... they're coming after us... blood on beaks... did I just see that... oh the pecking..! Arrrrgh!!!

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SoundSet Specifics


Forest relaxation
No happy birds anymore
Angry birds!
Crows clean up


Music - Lovely
Happy birdies
Wind in the trees
Woodpeckers voice
Woodpecker sound
Gathering birds
Bird cloud
Bird cloud attack
Fog background
Drone in the city
Single bird attacks
Piano hits
Creaking trees
Ghostly birds
Piano hits
Cloud attack
Single bird attack
Woodpeckers voice
Woodpecker sound
Creaking trees
Ghostly birds


The Birds

This SoundSet was imagined, compiled, designed, created, mixed, and finished by Chris Koerding of, using samples created by him and also the following list of samples:

'85154__cmusounddesign__jk-einsteinium.wav' created by 'cmusounddesign of'
'167400__kyster__tons-of-starlings-in-my-garden-2012-10-14.wav' created by 'kyster pf'

Music composed, performed, and recorded by Benjamin Loomes of


"Faceoff" by Kevin MacLeod (
"Suonatore di Liuto" by Kevin MacLeod (

Icons made by:
Karen Loomes, for


Lorc, (
Delapouite, (
John Colburn, (
Felbrigg, (
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