Music and Sound Effects: Deserted desert house (Haunted House)

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That old abandoned house up on the hill? Sure that'd be a fun place to visit. I dare you to spend the night there. The irregular pounding of your heart will fill your ears as peculiar scratchings and other-worldly presences pass close by all around you. The tension mounts slowly but inevitably with this SoundSet until it reaches a fever pitch of terror and unease. OneShot sounds included on the Soundboard of this set include: slamming doors, creaking floorboards, the clatter of random objects knocked off a table and the evil swoosh of diabolical energies come to suck out your very life.

Purchase the Haunted House 3-Pack, for $10 and you get all three "Haunted House" SoundSets: "Mad scientist's laboratory" and "Abandoned lunatic asylum".

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SoundSet Specifics


On the creaky porch
A swarm passes
The crows are watching
In the front door
There's a presence in here
What was that noise?
Oh my God!
Let's get out of here!
What just happened?


Nervous breaths
Uncomfortable creaks
A door swings shut
Knocked off the table
A ghost under your skin
Something knocked over
Ghosts passing way too close
Horrible scratching
Blood pumping fast
More scratching
Heartbeat nervous
Heartbeat freaking out
Weird chords
Voices in my head
Creaking rocking chair
Bee swarm
Sour wind
A ghostly presence


Deserted House

This SoundSet was imagined, compiled, designed, created, mixed, and finished by Benjamin Loomes of, using samples created by him and also the following list of samples from the collaborative Internet database of creative-commons licensed sounds

"Ghost-Fx" by "Oscillator" (
"horror-ambience-55-psycho-130726-02" by "klankbeeld" (
"Breathe-Out-4" by "Freqman" (
"Dropped-Stuff" by "Enma-Darei" (
"" by "Ashleyxxpiano" (
"Door-Slam" by "Winsx87" (
"Heartbeat-1" by "Adam-N" (
"Breathe-In-1" by "Freqman" (
"Bee-Colony" by "Erdie" (
"Door-Slam-1" by "Bennstir" (
"Breathe-Out-7" by "Freqman" (
"01835-Hinge-Creak" by "Robinhood76" (
"horror-ambience-66-185228" by "klankbeeld" (
"Creaking-Wooden-Door-0002" by "d-w" (
"Breathe-Out-6" by "Freqman" (
"Creaking-Wooden-Door-0004" by "d-w" (
"Flock-Of-Crows" by "Tomlija" (
"40-Hn-Batscratching" by "Cmusounddesign" (
"Breathofdeath" by "Gabemiller74" (
"Heartbeats" by "Patobottos" (
"Breathe-Out-5" by "Freqman" (
"Breathe-Out-2" by "Freqman" (
"Prepared-Guitar-Noise-Scraping" by "Experimental-Illness" (
"horror-ambiance-69-130903-00" by "klankbeeld" (
"Door-Old-Creaking-2" by "Tmkappelt" (
"Creaking-Wooden-Door-0001" by "d-w" (
"Breathe-Out-1" by "Freqman" (
"Breathe-Out-3" by "Freqman" (
"Small-Junk-Dropped" by "Altfuture" (
"Creaking-Wooden-Door-0006" by "d-w" (

Icons made by:
Lorc, (
Delapouite, (
John Colburn, (
Felbrigg, (
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The SoundSet Art incorporates a fantastic photo by "dfbphotos" at (