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Street battle

USD 4.40

Cruising for a bruising?! Looking for a fight? Itchy for a riot? Have we got the gang battle for you. Bring your brass knuckles and a firearm. Heck bring some friends too, the more the merrier!

This SoundSet will appear by default in the Syrinscape Sci-Fi Player app, but you can make it appear in any of the apps by using the Campaign Manager.

USD 4.40

SoundSet Specifics


Smalls Arms Fire Fight
Heavy Fire Fight
Heroes on the Scene
Heroes and Villains
Avenging City Scene


Battle Music
City Sounds
City Falling
City of Fire
Citizens Alarmed
Citizens Alarmed (solos)
Explosive Activity
Ricochets and Whiz-Bys
Energy Attacks
Energy Impacts
Burst Attack
Laser Attacks
Cosmic Attacks
Small Arms in the City
Ballistics Auto-Cannon
Ballistics MGs
Ballistics Armor Piercing
Ballistics High Energy
Heroic FlyBy
Energy Beam
Energy Burst
Energy Blast
Energy Attack
Heat Ray
Freeze Ray
Explosions With Debris
Large Explosions and Debris


Street Battle

The music and sound effects in this SoundSet were imagined, composed, compiled, designed, created, processed and mixed by Gil Luna for syrinscape.com

Icons made by:
Lorc, (http://lorcblog.blogspot.com)
Delapouite, (http://delapouite.com)
John Colburn, (http://ninmunanmu.com)
Felbrigg, (http://blackdogofdoom.blogspot.co.uk)
Available on http://game-icons.net
And Karen Loomes


Epic Games Need Epic Sound