Fantasy Sounds & Music: Sewer

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Ignite the senses and evoke the fury of combat with Syrinscape's immersive location and battle sound effects, where fantasy warfare becomes audible reality.

"Well this is just MARVELLOUS! A shortcut you said. It'll be great you said... well as far as I can see, all your shortcuts seem to end with me standing in..!"

Filled with delightful elements with such names as: bubbling, oozing, squelching, gas, steam and so much more the "Sewer" SoundSet will make your next sojourn in the underworld of forgotten conveniences MORE than memorable.

If there's a SoundSet that epitomizes the ability of Syrinscape to transport Players to places of wonder and intense 'immersion', this has just got to be the one!

Did you know that Syrinscape's curated D&D music playlists can be your hidden ally, accentuating pivotal story moments with orchestral precision?

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SoundSet Specifics


Ankle deep in stinky sewer
Lost on the sewer
Bubbling junction


Magical resonance weird
Sloshing liquid
Heavy bubbling
Medium bubbling
Steam release
Steam releases
Gas releases
Gas releases



The music and sound effects in this SoundSet were imagined, composed, compiled, designed, created, processed, and mixed by Benjamin Loomes for

Icons made by:
Lorc, (
Delapouite, (
John Colburn, (
Felbrigg, (
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