Attributions for Syrinscape

The following Syrinscape SoundSets include samples used under a CC BY 3.0 or CC BY 4.0 license, unless otherwise noted.

To view attributions for specific SoundSets, please select them below and submit the form. You can then direct link to that page in your own attributions when using Syrinscape in a podcast or YouTube video, etc.


ATG Steading of the Hill Giant Chief - Outside

  • "33" by "Y89312"
  • "Bear_" sounds are used under Creative Commons Attribution Licence, sourced from Youtube video "Grizzly bear sounds" by AlexTriceratops123
  • "Shaggyhowl" by "Noisecollector"
  • "tentrain" by "barredowl"
  • "thunder-long-distance" by "erdie"
  • "Wolf-Howl" by "Gorgoroth6669"

dh Theater

  • "approx-800-cheer-and-clapping-2" by "lonemonk"
  • "approx-800-cheer-and-clapping" by "lonemonk"
  • "approx-800-clapping-2" by "lonemonk"
  • "approx-800-clapping-3" by "lonemonk"
  • "approx-800-clapping-4" by "lonemonk"
  • "approx-800-clapping" by "lonemonk"
  • "approx-800-laugh-1" by "lonemonk"
  • "approx-800-laughter-and-clapter-1" by "lonemonk"
  • "approx-800-laughter-only-1" by "lonemonk"
  • "approx-800-polite-clapping" by "lonemonk"
  • "approx-850-enthusiast-audience" by "lonemonk"
  • "hollering-and-clapping-intro" by "lonemonk"

dh Trollskull Manor

dh Waterdeep

Dungeon Depths

Threshold of knowledge