Epic Games Need Epic Sound


The Syrinscape SoundSet Creator Puts the Power of Sound at Your Fingertips.


What is the SoundSet Creator?

The Syrinscape SoundSet Creator is an easy to use sound design app, which gives you the power to create and customize your own sound environments, soundscapes and music. It’s a massively powerful sound-design tool that includes all of the dials, sliders, parameters, and other functions that you'll need to make Syrinscape sound great.


What can I do with the SoundSet Creator?

The entire Syrinscape library of thousands of sounds comes unlocked with your SuperSyrin subscription to the SoundSet Creator. Experiment with, and manipulate these sounds. Add your own recordings for a custom sound experience. The SoundSet Creator also allows you to create entirely unique sounds from scratch! Here are just a few ways to use the limitless creativity of the SoundSet Creator: Don’t like the rollicking jigs being played in Syrinscape’s Tavern Brawl SoundSet? Customize the music to your tastes! Turn it into a Heavy Metal tavern, or an Irish pub - it’s up to you. Make a custom monster SoundSet with your best roars and howls! Create custom sounds to accompany your favorite tabletop game! Experiment with homemade sound effects with a professional tool that provides incredible intensity, control and immersion. Make some noise!


Upload and sync across all your devices then SHARE your creations with the community?

Once your sound masterpiece is complete, you can upload your new shiny SoundSet to our server and sync it across all your devices, and play it like any other normal Syrinscape SoundSet. Then if your SoundSet is great (and doesn't break anyone's copyright), you'll be able to share it with the whole creator community. All SuperSyrins will have access to all the great stuff that people make. That'll really see our SoundSet libraries grow!


When will the SoundSet Creator be released?

The Syrinscape SoundSet Creator is OUT NOW!!! To access it, grab yourself a SuperSyrin Subscription, log into the website and you'll find the download link at the top right of your screen. Awesome, huh?!?



"The SoundSet Creator is something we at Syrinscape are VERY excited about, and just a little bit proud too. Thanks go out to those who nagged+prodded+encouraged this big push, and thank you, the Syrinscape Community, for your valuable input. Now go make some noise!"

- Benjamin Loomes, Creator, Syrinscape

Here's a Playlist of detailed SoundSet Creator Tutorials,
covering everything you need to know, from SoundSets to Samples!

Epic Games Need Epic Sound