Epic Games Need Epic Sound

New to Syrinscape

Syrinscape Master/Minion Player

Broadcast the sounds of your RPG to all of your players, anywhere in the world with Syrinscape's new Master/Minion Player! Compatible with Roll20, D20Pro, Fantasy Grounds, or any virtual tabletop, the Master/Minion Player is a killer solution for routing your Syrinscape sounds with no latency and no loss of quality, creating immersion and engagement for your players. With the Master/Minion Player, GMs can control Syrinscape in any browser and send sounds to an unlimited number of speakers, anywhere in the galaxy, in perfect sync and full-quality. The best news is that it is FREE for all our SuperSyrins, so subscribe today and be transported anywhere in the multiverse. 


Syrinscape SoundSet Creator

The Syrinscape SoundSet Creator is a simple to use but in-depth sound toolset, which gives you the power to create and customise your own fantastic sound environments. Syrinscape SoundSet Creator will bring your library of sound effects to life using Syrinscape's powerful audio engine. The Syrinscape SoundSet Creator is available via the SuperSyrin Subscription, so log into the website and you'll find the download link at the top right of your screen.


Starfinder is here in the Syrinscape Sci-Fi Player

The Starfinder Roleplaying Game is here and Syrinscape is very pleased to be partnering with Paizo to create the official sounds and music for the Starfinder universe. Starfinder SoundSets include: prepared sounds for some of Starfinder’s most popular Adventure Path and Starfinder Society Modules; all twelve of the Starships as statted out in the Core Rulebook; every handheld ranged weapon in the game; plus the complete solution for customising your very own Starship build… and of course… Goblins… GOBLINS IN SPACE!!!

 See the complete list of Starfinder products here: Starfinder

Plus of course you can use any of Syrinscape’s generic Sci-fi SoundSets in your Starfinder adventures including blaster battles, massive spaceships, spacedocks, engine rooms, alien spacecraft, a self destruct sequence and many more favorite Sci-Fi scenarios, providing the sound environments for Sci-Fi RPGs


Syrinscape continues to provide sound landscapes for Pathfinder Adventures with Strange Aeons Adventure Path:

Syrinscape is pleased to continue to work with Paizo, Inc. developing the official SoundSets of Golarion to accompany your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game sessions. Includig SoundPacks for the “Rise of the Rune Lords”, “Hell’s Rebels” and most recently the “Strange Aeons” Adventure Paths.



Epic Games Need Epic Sound